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Mike Wiseman

Mike Wiseman is a Poker Pro from Vancouver, BC and has been playing poker for the past 8 years. He specializes in live cash games and can be found at your local Vancouver Poker rooms playing the 2/5 No limit tables. During the WSOP, Mike enjoys grinding the numerous cash games Las Vegas has to offer. He was featured in an article for the August 2012 Poker Pro Canada Magazine.  Tweet Mike

Mike Wiseman Poker Player

Articles by Mike Wiseman:

A desperate plea to all poker players

I just got back from the WSOP cash grind in Vegas. Let me tell you, the games are in dire need of a [...]

Live variance and win rates…

Let’s talk about live variance and win rates in Poker…   So many people I have encount[...]

So you want to be a low stakes grinder?

Low stakes poker grind Let me tell you this, you will need a lot of patience and thick skin to survi[...]

Why Poker Coaching is so Important

Why poker coaching is so important I will let all of you in on a secret, poker coaching is really im[...]

Poker in Vancouver, BC. 2015 Update

The sad state of affairs for poker in Vancouver, BC. Canada. Let me start off by saying that what is[...]

The Sad State of Poker in Vancouver BC

Well here I am on a Saturday night around midnight grinding the 2/5 at Hard Rock casino in Coquitlam[...]

My love/hate relationship with big pocket pairs!

The excitement of big pocket pairs… It’s pretty exciting when you squeeze your cards and see[...]

Getting to know Matt Berkey Poker Player/Coach

“Matt Berkey is a bit of an unknown when it comes to tournaments because he has spent so much [...]

Poker Faces You Meet – A Tribute to Mama

Editors Note: A Vancouver poker scene legend known to every one as ‘mama’ is now gone bu[...]

Poker Tilt

Today is going to be about tilt…specifically poker tilt! We all have experienced it, we all ha[...]
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