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Lynne Bennett

Lynne Bennett is an avid poker player, and considered by many as the best female poker editor and writer in the industry. Lynne writes about poker, players & poker life.

Prior to writing for Lucky Lady Games, Lynne was senior editor and writer to Poker Pro Canada. Tweet Lynne Bennett Poker Chick.


Kid Poker – PokerStars Documentary

The heavily anticipated PokerStars produced documentary charting the life of Canadian poker legend D[...]

Daniel Negreanu – Canada’s Poker Ambassador!

(As featured in PokerPro Magazine, June Cover 2011) It’s been nearly six years since I played my [...]

The Inner Workings Of a Poker Player’s Mind

Although the world may be filled with self-proclaimed “professional” poker players, few have [...]

Guy Laliberte – Poker player, philanthropist and Forbes richest men listee.

Guy Laliberte – The genius behind the man (As seen in PokerPro Canada magazine, cover story No[...]

Sorel Mizzi – Player Of The Year – Poker Pro

Everything you want to know about Sorel Mizzi – Poker Champion – Canada Professional Pok[...]

Canadian Players: How to Deal with Uncle Sam after Winning Money in the USA

The Real Truth for Canadians that have Gambling Wins in the USA PHOTO: POKERSTARS/ROB GRACIE AFTER W[...]

Undercover Poker Player – Steve McCormick

MEDIA NOTE: To protect certain people and their identity, no photos will be shown in the web version[...]

In-depth with Gavin Smith – Canadian Poker Players

Gavin Smith Poker Imagine a poker player with millions in tournament winnings, numerous television a[...]

Chasing the Poker Dream

As I stood there on the outside of the velvet rope, the sound of the chips clattering was nothing sh[...]
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