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5 BlackJack Tips if you want to WIN

August 2 admin

The most common blackjack tips are placing a double down wager on 10 or 11, utilizing insurance when you have 20 with the dealer showing an Ace, or splitting Aces.


While these are useful tips it’s fairly rudimentary.  To truly win in Blackjack one must maximize their edge with out of the box thinking.  For instance how to spot a profitable table, finding the right casino environment, mathematical plays vs superstition, making the right bets at the precise moment, and playing with an anchor.

Rather than go into full detail on card counting and betting strategies please see the other articles pertaining to this.  We’re going to go over a broad overview on lesser known but equally important tips on how to truly gain an edge in blackjack.  

Tip 1: Playing without emotions.

When betting one has to base it on mathematics rather than “luck or emotions.”  Granted there’s always exceptions, but in the long run mathematics and statistics will play out and churn out a profit.  If you’re on a losing streak minimize your bets rather than adopting a negative progressive system.  Losing your cool and Increasing your bets to cover your previous loss is a surefire way to earn a trip to the ATM machine and to the poor house.  Most players do not have the bankroll to adopt this tactic.  When in doubt you can request a dealer change or simply move to another table.  There aren’t rules stating otherwise.  If you’re not feeling up to par take a break or quit for the night and regain your faculties.  

Tip 2: Avoid drugs or alcohol.

Do not consume drugs, alcohol and avoid the cocktail waitresses at all cost if you want to succeed.  Playing while in a poor state of mind, depressed or angry is very detrimental to one’s game.  One must be 100% focused on observing the table, calculating the cards and hands at all times.  Drink afterwards when you’re celebrating taking the casino’s money. 🙂

Tip 3: Play at the tables with lowest minimum.  

Find the tables with the lowest minimum around the $5 range.  The max usually goes up to $1,000 for these tables so unless you’re a high roller this doesn’t necessarily pertain to you although it would still be prudent to play on a min table to counterbalance cold streaks.  The main reason is to minimize losses when the deck is at the “negative” count or when the face cards are out.  Most advanced players play two hands simultaneously (without an anchor) which means you have to bet double the table minimum which means it’s actually $10 per hand now.  Strangely that’s the rules for most casinos when a single player plays two separate hands.  

In order to win consistently one has to recognize the best scenarios to play in.  In a game of cat and mouse the house is always trying to take the players money. The player must utilize all their knowledge to gain the edge.  

Tip 4: Say good-bye to tourists.

Do not play with tourists if you’re serious about building your nest egg.  Typically the best time to play is between 4am – 8am when all the tourists and clubbers are in bed.  If you happen to be in a popular casino try to spot an empty table.  Or you find a casino off the strip where it’s quiet.  Winning in blackjack isn’t about James Bond style crowds making flashy moves.  You’re playing for one reason only and that’s to take the casino’s chips.

Tip 5: Playing with an anchor.

If you have a close friend, partner, or confidant who you trust you can use him/her as your anchor.  This way you can play one handed while your partner plays the other hand to work together to beat the dealer.  IE: You place a $100 bet and you have 15 which is not a great hand at all, however the dealer has 6 and you know the dealer will have to hit with 16.  Your anchor has 12 which in most cases with amateurs they’ll hit.  If the dealer has a 12 or 13 the correct play would be to hit.  There’s two things in play.  First the dealer has a 6 which one would have to automatically assume there’s a 10 facedown.  Second you have a $100 bet riding while the anchor only has $5.  The anchor serves to sacrifice their hand to allow you to win.  So in the next sequence of events the anchor stands and the dealer does in fact have 10+6 totalling 16 and is forced to hit.  Dealer hits and gets a nine busting.  Interestingly enough the nine would have given the anchor a 21, but WHO KNOWS what the next card could have been.  It could have very well been a picture (10),  2,3,4, or 5 even giving the dealer the winning hand against both players.

 The very last player/anchor can effect the entire outcome of the table.

Quote from Austin Powers! 🙂

Dealer: Deals a 2 and a 3 to the player.

Player has 5: I’ll stay.

Dealer: I suggest you hit sir.

Player: I also like to live dangerously.

Dealer: As you wish sir.  20 beats your 5 sir.  


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