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Blank Bingo Cards – Print ready

August 28 LuckyLady

Blank Bingo Cards are great for creating unique bingo games!

Whether you are throwing a themed baby shower, a wedding shower or maybe a kids birthday party, these blank Bingo cards are fun to create your own version of Bingo to your liking. There is no more need to spend hours drawing grids. Just print these on your computer and then start adding your own designs and create a whole new customized Bingo game that is personalized to the theme of your party or event. You can even make your own Bingo patterns for winning lines or simply fill the entire card.

Tips and ideas for blank bingo cards:

  • Get local ink and stamp pad and stamp the customs designs you would like to match the theme of your party
  • Write words into the squares such as the names of guests of honor or events specifics
  • For kids birthday’s, try names of characters or theme related words. Use candies colored to your parties theme as markers.
  • For baby shower bingo game  try different baby name options if the baby is not born yet. For free pre-made baby shower bingo cards. Baby boy bingo cards or baby girl bingo cards coming soon.
  • For bridal shower bingo, you can try putting the bride & grooms name or those in the wedding party to make it personal. If that is too much work, try free pre-made bridal/wedding Bingo cards here.

Bingo cards are made 4 per sheet to save on paper and includes cut lines. Cards are 5 x 5.

Blank Bingo Cards: Game Templates

Blank Bingo Cards: Game Templates

Download PDF [Download Printable Blank Bingo Card Game]

Have lots of fun at your Bingo Event!

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