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Punto Banco – How to Play Baccarat

August 19 Sandra Wong

Punto Blanco is essentially the same game as Baccarat. Another well known name for Baccarat is known as Chemin de fer (french for the railroad – the original version of the card game baccarat when it was introduced to France).

  • Compared to other forms and variations of Baccarat, in Punto Banco, there are no optional plays.
  • The object, just like Baccarat is to be the winner in the head-up or match-up play between the Player and the Banker hands. Both hands are dealt by the dealer and totalled and resolved by the dealer making it very easy for the player
  • Punto Blanco is the game of 9. The winner is whoever is closest to the total of 9 with both cards.

Punto Banco Player’s hand when the first two cards have been dealt and has a total of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 then it gets a third and final card. From 6 to 9 it stays as it is.

Punto Banco Dealer’s hand the play is more complex. Bank draws a card only if the Players total of 6 or 7 is reached with three cards. If it is a two card total then Bank stands.


The wins of Punto Banco payout the same as Baccarat at even money. A winning Bank bet is paid at odds of 19-20, or in other words there is a 5% tax on Bank winnings. Winning tie bets are paid at 8-1 ( which sometimes is misleadingly written 9 for 1 ).

CNN’s Ramy Inocencio explains Punto Banco, the card game Phil Ivey was playing at a London private gaming club.

Great Video on How to Play the Game of Punto Banco


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