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Casino Baccarat, Tips and Strategies from the World’s Best Players

February 15 Sandra Wong

This was a very interesting video on the Casino Baccarat VIP lifestyle. Though the commentating into the game is a bit cheesy, the script is entertaining.

Baccarat, Tips and Strategies from the World’s Best Players

“Experts Jeff Colt and Justine Priestley teach you how play the high stakes game of Baccarat in this informative and easy-to-understand video.”

It´s hard not to imagine a tuxedo dressed James Bond like character sipping on a Martini in a classic casino environment. Out of all table games, Baccarat is truly the most elegant option, and with an equally worthy history. It is also one of the most enjoyable and strategic games to learn.

Worth a watch just for the fun of it and for the James Bond music. Casino Baccarat is the game of 9.

Was this show made in the 80s?

Source: Player’s Network on Youtube: Vegas is full of sinful pleasures…. watch and see what Vegas is all about.


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