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5 Tips to Winning Baccarat by the Casino Pros – Strategy

October 17 Sandra Wong

Winning Casino Baccarat takes a good strategy. With a good strategy and thorough understanding of the game you are playing starts with education and knowing what to look out for. In this article we share 5 Winning Tips to be a winning player in Baccarat.

baccarat winning tips by pros

Winning Baccarat Tip 1

Know the numbers. Check the odds at the casino you are playing in. Is the commission 5% for banker bets or higher? Or is it like EZBaccarat where there are simply no commission at all? Are their side bets and ties to bet on? Are the commissions standard?

Winning Baccarat Tip 2

Go in with a game plan! How much do you want to deviate from your bankroll? Are you trying to double it?  Triple it? How much money do you want to make playing Baccarat? As soon as you make it, leave the table. Always quit while you are ahead of the game! Don’t go crazy when you are stuck lots of money. Sometimes it’s better to call it a day and try again tomorrow.

Winning Baccarat Tip 3

Play shorter sessions. Unless you are very unlucky, by playing shorter sessions, as soon as you are in the positive in Baccarat you can cash out. The house always has the edge in the long-run because you don’t have infinite money to ride the variance.  Plus you may get tired and make some weird decisions like putting all your money on a tie to get unstuck and losing it all.

Go as far as putting a time limit to your sessions, have a both a time goal and a bankroll goal!

Winning Baccarat Tip 4

Be sure you know the rules for depositing and cashing out and even the casino bonuses they give you. Check the terms to make sure you will indeed get the money that is yours. Check the small print BEFORE depositing funds to play.

Winning Baccarat Tip 5

Have fun! This is a game afterall and if you aren’t having fun playing Baccarat you really should not be playing. This goes for all casino games including penny slots and black jack.

Love Baccarat and want to become a baccarat pro? Following these tips is a good start. Good luck!

SOURCE: Wiki How to Play Baccarat

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