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Predictions for the future of social casino 2016-2017

January 17 Sandra Wong

Looking for what happening in social casino 2016?

Based on the posts by Dean Takashashi of Venture Beat. In this post he tags: ADAM KREJCIK, CASUAL CONNECT TEL AVIV, EILERS RESEARCH, GB FEATURED, SOCIAL 

social casino 2016

While the social casino is a lot more mature than it was just 5 years ago, big data is telling us that it is still growing at a very nice rate.

Based on the posts by Dean Takashashi of Venture Beat, his sources predict that the industry will grow to over $4.4 Billion by 2017. In this post, I summarize what Adam Krejcik has shared at the Casual Connect Tel Aviv conference about the state of the social casino market, and his top notable predictions (in bold headers) and my take on what this means (normal font).

1. Integration of more skill based play into social casino games. This is pretty self explanatory. Gives users more control and customized user gaming experience. We will probably see this in all games from slots to casino table games. We will see this done on all levels of game design where proven casual gaming mechanics get integrated creatively into social casino games.

2. Live dealer social casino games will become popular. Live dealer means a more true to life casino experience. These human dealers will be entertainment based and not so much box-cut as currently seen in RMG. Having live dealer also means a more trustworthy casino experience and in the real money realm, trust is key to brand loyalty. How this translate over to social casino, how it will monetize and how lucrative and compelling the experience will be received is yet to be seen.

3. iPad usage declines while big-screen smartphones and Apple TV rise. This goes with popular device technology trends. Where the players are will be where the players spend money. New technology for social casino should be on the radar which include wearable tech and VR goggles such as the Oculus Rift which recently launch at a $599 price tag. Social casino seems to be an easy entry for the VR market as there isn’t too much innovation in game design making it relatively simple transition for both the developer and the players as the learning curve is light.

4.  Cost of install advertising will plateau as new marketing channels are tapped. Over the past few years acquiring quality users has gotten ridiculously expensive so developers had no other choice but to find other ways of acquiring users. These new and creative ways to market the game will put less demand on conventional and singular mobile app install methods of simply relying on Facebook.

5. Other casino games such as Black Jack, Baccarat and Roulette will capture more interest as social casino slots game options overly saturate the market. We see trends of this on SuperData already as these games generally are more social than casino slots by nature.

6. Social casino finally adds the ‘social’ to the games. Actively designing for social interactions finally matters. A social casino is not longer just a casino on a social network anymore and the need for a game designer that understands the social games landscape has never been more important. We all now know that for a game to be successful it needs to be able to differentiate from the crowd, utilize big data at their disposal and to create games that make money in a way that provides player value in a very authentic way.

7. Real money gambling operators will start to get serious about social games. We see this with the introduction of StarCoins system by Amaya on Pokerstars on day 1 of 2016, which caters to the more casual player. The value mentality of which player is worth more LTV is shifting. It’s no longer just about the high-roller.

8. New growth markets – particularly Asia. We all know the asian market love luck based games and a good gamble. I like baccarat and would love a nice squeeze play app. That’s all I have to say about this.

9. More 3rd-party branded games making way to social casino. I would even go as far as to add non-game related brands making its way to social casino so that games can stay relevant and engaging to new player markets such as the millenials. People like to relate to things that appeal and matter to them in the now. Social casino is nice in that developers can stock a wide variety of titles and entertainment that appeal to a range of audiences.

10. Social casino games moving from social to land-based. Not just land-based to social. We start to see more of a balanced cross over between both.

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