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“Be a Healthy Techie” Lifestyle Plan

Most of us work sitting in-front of a computer all day. If you work in an office, you probably don[...]

Born to Game…and Make Games

The video game generation (Born in the 70s/80s) has grown up. I bet if you aren’t making them [...]

Sandra Wong on Social Games – Audio Podcast Snippet

Check out an exclusive web release into our CEO, Sandra Wong’s documentary style interview a[...]

The Road to Success starts with Humble Beginnings

“Be Passionate, Believe in Yourself and You will Be Successful.” Sounds easy enough... b[...]

Go Make it Happen!

The majority of us (99.99999%), have to wake up everyday and work hard at our dreams in order to mak[...]

The Meaning of Life

It was another hot morning in Dubai. The sun rays were over-lighting the french-styled living room a[...]

The Free-lance ‘X-Factor’ for Success

This world is full of amazingly talented people with no jobs. It’s a reality faced by thousand[...]

Hire Well – Build & Nurture Creativity

Being an Entrepreneur is Never Just About Business.  Entrepreneurship isn’t something that is[...]

A Look into our Art Process – Pirate Planks

Here is a look into an art and development pipeline of a mini-game inside a bigger slots game we are[...]

Welcome to Behind the Scenes of Lucky Lady Games Blog!

Welcome to Behind the Scenes of our Social Game/App Development Studio, Lucky Lady Games!  As the C[...]
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