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Industry Updates

Being a start-up game studio is quite the ride and we want to share our key moments with you! Find the latest and most relevant gaming industry news that Lucky Lady Games is a part of in this section of our site. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter or Facebook with anything gaming or casino related because we want to be involved. Don’t be shy!

Major Gaming Operations – ASIA / EURASIA

APAC – Asia and Eurasia Gambling channels and game formats. Find out who all the major gamblin[...]

Gambling Losses 2013 vs. 2016 by Country

Gambling Losses 2016 by Country World Wide BIGGEST Gamblers – loss per adult resident / countr[...]

Asian Gambling and APAC Gaming Markets

When it comes to gambling, there are 2 sides in which Asian families generally stand. One side hol[...]

Unity 5 releases full-featured free version

Unity 5 Free version – released with upgrades, full-feature Unity releases Unity 5, the latest[...]

Unreal Engine 4 is Now Free!

Unreal Engine 4 is now available to everyone for free, and all future updates will be free! Epic ne[...]

HTML5 is the new Flash

Remember how many users have criticized Steve Jobs when the iPad was released? It was a tablet compu[...]

Ivey Poker Review – Social Poker Room

Ivey Poker has a Beta Launched on Facebook July 2013 It’s no secret that I, like the rest of t[...]

Social Casino Games Summit 2013 – Recap

Great Showing for Social Casino Gaming Summit USA First off, was very happy that the Social Casino G[...]

Designing for Mobile Screens – iPhone & Android Apps

So you guys having trouble with designing mobile screens? The whole Density-independent pixel (dp) t[...]

Money in Social Casino Gaming

Is there money to be made in the Social Casino Gaming space? There is always money to be made in eve[...]
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