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Mid-life Casino Gaming Blog Crisis

January 20 admin

Even casino gaming blogs have resolutions

Everyone knows that New Year’s is a good time for resolutions…and this also goes for Casino Gaming Blogs!

After months of blogging, I realized that maybe…just maybe… Im suppose to be doing some kind of self-help type career branch to inspire and help woman find their true passions in life. I really enjoy writing and hearing the feedback from woman about how what I wrote is exactly what they ‘needed to hear‘. This makes me feel so good that I actually touched someone’s life and made a difference with my writing, and not just be creating content that drives traffic to sell more apps.

Not sure how other bloggers decide what to blog about on any given day, but my writing process is very organic. I will sit down with a very simple inspiration and just let my fingers flow. (Hence why some of my blog posts sound like conversations or ramble on forever). Upon realizing (and annoying my tech co-founders/associates) that every time sit down to write a blog post it ends up being some self realization, inspirational, self-help type of piece, I have decided to start a new blog solely for that purpose.

LLG casino gaming blog (the one you are reading now) will be focused on Technology/Game Studio/HTML5/App Game Design & other cool techy and gambling news.

Blogging has been very therapeutic for me and I hope you will continue to follow my rantings into the next chapters of my career and life.

I am very excited to see what adventures life will take me on and as always feel ever so blessed to be able to continue this journey doing what I love and being able to learn something new every step of the way.

Until next time, keep moving forward, head held high, smile on ur face… and I look forward to building this casino gaming blog for you!



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