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Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the ‘Behind the Scenes of Lucky Lady Games’. In this section of our blog, we will be sharing the stories of the Lucky Lady Games development journey, our thoughts, our team, our struggles, our successes and everything that goes with running a gaming start-up and living life as an entrepreneur.

Major Gaming Operations – ASIA / EURASIA

APAC – Asia and Eurasia Gambling channels and game formats. Find out who all the major gamblin[...]

Gambling Losses 2013 vs. 2016 by Country

Gambling Losses 2016 by Country World Wide BIGGEST Gamblers – loss per adult resident / countr[...]

How to Monetize and be a Profitable Freemium Casino App

The single biggest question I get from my clients is how do I better my monetization? AKA, how can m[...]

Casino Quotes by Steve Wynn

For the fun of casino quotes by industry leader. “The pent-up demand for the good life in China is[...]

Designing ‘Luck’ RNG 101

By dictionary definition, luck is defined as ‘success or failure apparently brought by chance [...]

Asian Gambling and APAC Gaming Markets

When it comes to gambling, there are 2 sides in which Asian families generally stand. One side hol[...]

App Monetisation: Paywalls 101

App Monetization: Paywalls 101. A paywall is a system that prevents users from accessing content wit[...]

Predictions for the future of social casino 2016-2017

Looking for what happening in social casino 2016? Based on the posts by Dean Takashashi of Venture B[...]

Design Innovations from Social Casino: Candy Crush Arcade

There is a generalized conception that there is very little design innovation in social casino and I[...]

Unity 5 releases full-featured free version

Unity 5 Free version – released with upgrades, full-feature Unity releases Unity 5, the latest[...]
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