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9 Tips for Social Casino Gambling Convergence Design

So whether you are a land-based casino veteran or an indy-social casino developer, there is no denying the huge opportunity that is arising in the digital casino space known as the Social Casino Gambling Convergence. Buzz words aside, the convergence space is not only exciting, it is the opportunity that everyone in the gambling industry […]

My love/hate relationship with big pocket pairs!

The excitement of big pocket pairs… It’s pretty exciting when you squeeze your cards and see two black Aces when your playing poker. I get a rush and a vision of winning a big pot. BUT… What happens when your UTG and squeeze those black Aces in a loose, calling station type game? The type […]

What do people get out of gambling? A look into gambling motivators

Recently I have been looking deep into the motivators of a gambler in order to find game design mechanics to ‘influence’ this behavior. In this post I will share some general gambling motivational insights, and in a future post, I will specifically look at a particular type of casino game such as slots or poker […]

Baccarat third card rule

If either hand has a total of 8 or 9 (nine is the highest), then it is called a ‘Natural’ and no more cards are dealt. If it is not a natural, then depending on the value of each hand the casino dealer may instruct the card dealer to deal a third card. The decision […]

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