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HTML5 is the new Flash

Remember how many users have criticized Steve Jobs when the iPad was released? It was a tablet computer – the first one to make tablets cool – that had no support for Adobe’s Flash, which Jobs has considered a pile of bugs and security holes, endorsing HTML5 instead. Given the The iPad was a bit […]

Binary Options – Simple Online Trading or Gambling?

Binary Options trending term: is it an investment or a gamble? According to definitions, Binary options are estimates of underlying assets performance during a given time frame. To understand Binary Options trading, you need to take a  look at how investments in other trading markets usually work. The word binary stands for “having two parts”. Generally speaking, […]

The Sad State of Poker in Vancouver BC

Well here I am on a Saturday night around midnight grinding the 2/5 at Hard Rock casino in Coquitlam BC. There is one game with no names on the list! This place should have minimum 3 games and a waiting list on the weekends. Surprisingly the game is actually decent tonight, with a few regs […]

Gambling personas and motivators for casino game design

Prior to social games and free2play, there hasn’t been much need to ‘reinvent’ the wheel in casinos games as most feel that the most popular casino games are good as is as they are tried and true. Slots are slots, blackjack is blackjack, poker is poker… and with this kind of mentality, it’s no wonder […]

Social Casino Game Design: Starting Balance Currency

Social Casino Design: How to Choose a Starting Currency Amount? Today I’m am doing a bit of economy design at Lucky Lady Games and figuring out the mechanics behind a starting coin balance can be somewhat tricky. Relatively it is a very simple concept: People need coins to try your game out so that they […]

EZ Baccarat – Rules – How to Play – Differences

How to Play EZ Baccarat – What are the differences between regular Casino Baccarat and EZ Baccarat? EzBaccarat is a registered Baccarat casino brand that you will find all over the world in many of the top casinos. Also known as Dragon 7 in Macau,  “EZBaccarat is a non-commission baccarat game with the fantastical Dragon […]

BlackJack Etiquette and BlackJack Culture

So before you go into a casino to play BlackJack, you should definitely learn some BlackJack Etiquette and BlackJack Culture. Here are some of the main ones you should know: If you are dealt your cards face up and are not allowed to touch your cards at any time during the game. If your cards are […]

Dr.Tricia Cardner – Poker Author & Player

Dr.Tricia Cardner is one of the most interesting personalities I have met in poker travels. I met her deep into the money in a WSOP ladies event and was lucky enough to sit to her right. She chatted my ear off and usually I’d be annoyed but she had so many interesting stories and knowledge […]

13 Tips to Get your Social Casino Discovered

The social casino industry just keeps getting more exciting and in 2014, growth and buzz seems to be as promising as ever. Social and mobile posted $2.5 billion in combined revenue across all platforms in 2013, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Some forecasts say that worldwide revenues will nearly double this by […]

What Poker Teaches Us About Winning & Success

If you are a winning player in the game of poker, then there is no reason why you should not be winning at life. There are 2 dots in which I am going to connect today in this post; advanced poker strategy with life experience. As I move through my personal journey and grow as […]

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