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Nevada Gaming Commission Approves Betting on Olympic Events

Betting Money on Olympic Events? The Nevada Gaming Commission unanimously approved an amendment to state gaming regulations to allow betting on Olympic athletic events. This approval allows for Nevada betting books to begin accepting wagers on the 2016 Summer Games in Rio De Janeiro and needless to say, bookmakers are not wasting time in offering […]

Gambling Losses By Country

Gambling losses aren’t as fun to talk about as gambling wins, but someone has to lose Gambling, as we all know is wagering something of value, usually money, as per casino gambling, on the outcome of the game/odds at stake. This activity can be played against the house (casino) or against other players (poker). Regardless […]

Shao Dongming – Red King of Gambling owes $160 million – Macau

Shao Dongming, also know as the ‘Red King of Gambling’ owes $160 million, infamous for going to Macau and making multi-million dollar bets with abandon says everything about China’s problems Sounds like even kings and party cronies might have to finally pay their gambling debts in China. Shao is being investigated for corruption in the […]

13 Best Gambling Quotes Ever

Looking for the best gambling quotes? We have listed our top 13 of all time best gambling quotes here. Disagree with us? Let us know on twitter what your favorite gambling quotes are. “If you must play, decide upon three things at the start:the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.” – […]

Casino Baccarat, Tips and Strategies from the World’s Best Players

This was a very interesting video on the Casino Baccarat VIP lifestyle. Though the commentating into the game is a bit cheesy, the script is entertaining. Baccarat, Tips and Strategies from the World’s Best Players “Experts Jeff Colt and Justine Priestley teach you how play the high stakes game of Baccarat in this informative and easy-to-understand […]

Life Tilt Sucks

Don’t play poker when on LIFE TILT! What is life tilt? The state of mind that results from some terrible beat in life that causes oneself to go visibly crazy and perform further self-destructive acts on the poker table. Yes… this just happened to me, and I just lost 5 buy-ins and what’s worse is that I […]

Poker Goals 2015

Taking my poker game online in 2015… December 9, 2014 It’s been a long minute since I played or even thought about playing poker on a serious level. Why? Mainly because: Myself: I had too much going on to with other areas of my life and had to focus my priority on my family and business. Poker […]

Poker Bankroll Building Management System

My Personal Poker Cash Games Bankroll Building System So to get ready for the new year I created my own poker cash games bankroll building/management plan – system so I know exactly what targets I need to reach and hit. Anyone looking to build a bankroll online for poker can also follow this to make sure […]

Poker in Vancouver, BC. 2015 Update

The sad state of affairs for poker in Vancouver, BC. Canada. Let me start off by saying that what is going on in this city with poker is truly pathetic. All the casinos are shrinking their poker rooms, there is no tournament events anymore and BCLC/casino owners are proving they do not care about the […]

Greentube Acquires BlueBat Games

Global Gaming Leader Expands Their North American Footprint; Acquires Social Gaming Innovator LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – Feb 2, 2015) – ICE, Totally Gaming Conference, London, February 2, 2015 – Greentube, a leading developer and provider for internet, mobile, PC and iTV and their parent company, the Novomatic Group, today announced that they have acquired a controlling interest in the […]

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