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Win the Button Tourneys Now Available at PokerStars

The first time I played WIN THE BUTTON, I was seated next to golf superstar Sergio Garcia at the PCA events in the Bahamas. The buy-in at that time was $1000, and it was his birthday that day. Although I didn’t know who he was at that point, I will never forget that day. Now […]

BlackJack – 21 Game Facts & Interesting Casino Trivia

The life in cards: 4 suits, 4 seasons. 13 cards of each suit, 13 lunar cycles. 52 cards, 52 weeks in a year. Chances of getting a natural 21, or blackjack, is around 4.8% depending on how many decks are used. The card dispenser used at many blackjack tables is called a “shoe.” That’s because […]

Punto Banco – How to Play Baccarat

Punto Blanco is essentially the same game as Baccarat. Another well known name for Baccarat is known as Chemin de fer (french for the railroad – the original version of the card game baccarat when it was introduced to France). Compared to other forms and variations of Baccarat, in Punto Banco, there are no optional plays. […]

Casino Pai Gow Poker

Looking for a more chill game at the Casinos? PaiGow Poker might be the table game for you if  you’re looking for a slower-paced game than Craps or even Blackjack and want to spend a lot of time gambling without losing an outrageous amount of money. A very much a break-even type of game, PaiGow Poker […]

Ongpin selling PhilWeb stake – Philippines President and Online Gambling

Duterte’s War on Online Gambling Prompts Gaming Tycoon’s Exit MANILA, Philippines – Former PhilWeb Corp. Chairman Roberto Ongpin, singled out by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in a campaign to end the influence of big businesses on the government, said he will sell his stake to protect the electronic gambling company and its workers. Reeling from […]

PLAYSTUDIOS Acquires Scene53 and Launches POP! Slots

PLAYSTUDIOS, a developer of award-winning, free-to-play casino games that offer real-world rewards, today announced that it has acquired Scene53, an Israel-based game studio specializing in real-time, multi-player mobile games. The two companies jointly developed the newest PLAYSTUDIOS mobile app, POP! Slots. The game allows players to play in groups, share jackpots, and interact with friends as […]

Asian Gambling and APAC Gaming Markets

When it comes to gambling, there are 2 sides in which Asian families generally stand. One side holds the stance that gambling is bad, the other side fully embracing it as part of the Chinese culture. My parents were the latter, and how my parents met was because of a good old game of cards. My father and […]

Poker Personalized Video Program

888Poker jumping on the snapchat story feature to kick social up a notch… This is a very cool way for player to show off their poker skills if their goal is to be famous. Innovations like Poker Personalized Video Programs from 888 Poker are what is raising the stakes these days in the Poker world. We […]

App Monetisation: Paywalls 101

App Monetization: Paywalls 101. A paywall is a system that prevents users from accessing content without paying first. There are many types of paywalls in content management which include ‘hard paywalls’ where there is almost no access to content without paying and ‘soft paywalls’ that offer limited content. Many companies outside of gaming have aleady […]

Pokemon Go User Experience 101

First off, I know alot more about Pokemon than I would like to admit. I’ve been forced to watch countless hours and hours of episodes and every single time I find myself thinking, why is every single episode of Pokemon the exact same? If you haven’t watched an episode, it’s pretty much this: Go on […]

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