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Play Texas Hold’em Poker Classic Free Slots Online features free basic slot machines where you can play instantly I actually love this place and find that just spinning a 3 reel slot is just simplistically fun… I can see why these would be addictive because these days a majority of slot machines seem to have all the bells and whistles and more, […]

Should you give your kid a smartphone?

A smartphone may one of the most brilliant and saddest inventions ever. If you are a parent, you must watch this recent video with comedian Louis C.K as he explains to Conan exactly why he dislikes the modern smartphone culture and why he would never get one for his kids! C.K. starts off by suggesting […]

Personas Grand Villa – Best Casino Dining Review

Personas Grand Villa Casino Dining I regularly hold my business meetings and girls night/coffee dates at local casinos in the Vancouver area.  I guess I do this because doubling up my meetings/dates with meal times frees up casino play time (I just realized how degenerate that sounds!). After my meetings I usually head to play […]

Lotus of Siam – Best Las Vegas Dining Review

The Lotus of Siam lives up to it’s hype! Let me tell you first that I am very picky and skeptical when someone tells me anything is ‘THE BEST EVER’! I have eaten a lot of Thai food in my life all over the world and have declared many times that I found the best […]

Ginseng 3 – The Quad Las Vegas Dining Review

Late Night Pho in Vegas at Ginseng 3! Coming from Vancouver BC, Canada, you appreciate a good bowl of Pho after a night of partying! And we found 24/7 Pho in Vegas at Ginseng 3! Located on the 5th floor of the Quad,  Ginseng 3 is a great find. Cheap prices and good value, Ginseng 3 […]

Pidgin Restaurant Review – Vancouver BC

Pidgin – Gastown Vancouver – Asian Fusion at it’s Best! So a friend of mine came into town and after he blew through $4,000 playing Cleopatra Slots at Edgewater Casino in Vancouver BC, we decided he needed something to cheer up spirits. Before I continue on my Pidgin Restaurant review, I want to tell you […]

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Review

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill… Perfectly convenient when trying to hit up the pool at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, Nevada,  Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill is a great lunch spot! They serve huge monster drinks in mugs and do not skimp on the alcohol. Your typical bar style American […]

Cheesecake Factory – Dining Review

Cheesecake Factory – Everyone’s Favorite Casual Diner If you have traveled anywhere in the United States, most likely you have eaten at a Cheesecake Factory. They are everywhere and it is popular as ever! Maybe I am just too generous with my star ratings, but like most places I eat at, I really think the […]

Max Brenner – Las Vegas Dining Review

Max Brenner – Chocolate Lover’s Heaven Had no idea what to expect before going to Max Brenner because I heard so much about it from a friend. I must say, the brand looks very masculine and I was expecting it to be a steak house or something but it was far from that. The food […]

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