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StarCraft Strategy: Broodwars

Starcraft is a multi-player online military sci-fi, real time strategy game made by Blizzard Entertainment. Accumulating many years of playing SC has given me some knowledge and skills of the game. Who would have thought that PC games would reign supreme in the world of gaming. Well actually I had this vision back in the […]

Game Design: How to Design Effective Achievements

In-game achievements are a hot topic in the gaming industry. Otherwise known as badges or gamification (in non-standard gaming scenarios), effective achievements need to make sense to other aspects of game design in order to achieve desired player performance and motivation goals. There are many reasons why in-game achievements are used in social game design. […]

Open Face Chinese Poker Craze

Open Face Chinese Poker is the poker player’s gambling card game of choice! Variations of Open Face Chinese Poker include Pineapple (3 card draws) and Fantasy Land (QQ’s on top), Open Face Chinese Poker, OFC’s popularity is growing amongst poker players worldwide. Poker apps are now available to play against your friends or against the […]

DoubleDown Casino Launches World’s First Cross-Platform Video Poker Tournament

Video Poker Tournaments are new and people are crazy about them! Leave it up to an slots innovator like IGT to use DoubleDown Casino – Free to Play Social Casino – to launch a video poker championship that attracted one of the largest groups of mobile, social players in one social game ever.   Partnered […]

New Slots Games

New slots are popping up all over the internet and slots players can’t get enough of them. New slots are extremely popular in modern casinos, and it seems that every few days a new themed slot machine or casino game variation goes live on the casino floors. This is definitely the case as new slots […]

Video Poker Tournaments: Hot New Game

Video poker tournaments, similar to slots tournaments, is a very new concept to casino gaming but proves to be a super fun and exciting for it’s players! In Video poker tournament, players have the goal of scoring the most points against other players. Generally, how video poker tournaments work is that each player is allowed […]

Video Poker Training – Learn to Play

Video poker training is one of the most searched casino training topics on the internet Due to the fact that it is possible to play a perfect game of video poker, many gaming enthusiasts are interested in learning how to master at least the basics so they can go into a casino and return some […]


Video Poker software is a great way to learn at home before trying your luck at a casino These days with the internet being accessible to the homes of almost everyone in almost every country, learning and playing video poker could not be easier or more convenient. Most video poker software offer the same games […]

Basic Video Poker Strategy

Basic Video Poker strategy: Always go for broke Whenever you have the opportunity for a great hand in Video Poker that has a great payout, you should probably almost always take it. These opportunities to get the bigger payout cannot happen or be hit if you do not take the chance. Having small wins will […]

Video Poker Strategy Cards

Video poker is played like 5 card draw poker The video poker machine gives you five cards that you have to make a decision whether to hold or discard. By choosing to hold the cards, you keep them, while the rest get replaced with other cards. Once the other cards are drawn, you get paid […]

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