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Born to Game…and Make Games

The video game generation (Born in the 70s/80s) has grown up. I bet if you aren’t making them like us, you are still playing them… as much as possible. It’s hard to deny that video games haven’t had a big impact in all of our lives or played a big part in shaping how we […]

Sandra Wong on Social Games – Audio Podcast Snippet

Check out an exclusive web release into our CEO, Sandra Wong’s documentary style interview airing on Evolution 107.9 – Plugged In with Erin Sale. In this interview, Sandra talks about the fuel behind Lucky Lady Games, niche marketing towards woman, a/b testing and the social gaming industry vs. the traditional gaming industry. LISTEN HERE  Stay tuned next […]

The Road to Success starts with Humble Beginnings

“Be Passionate, Believe in Yourself and You will Be Successful.” Sounds easy enough… but in real life, the road to success isn’t all sunsets and smiles. Quite the contrary actually! During a start-up, I guarantee you will not see your most glamorous days ever. (I’m speaking from experience here BTW! I’m very tempted to show you a […]

Go Make it Happen!

The majority of us (99.99999%), have to wake up everyday and work hard at our dreams in order to make them happen. Sitting around and dreaming never achieved anything. Ideas are abundant. Execution is everything.  Mix pursuing dreams with our everyday life responsibilities, sometimes it can feel overwhelming and at times impossible. Having a very strong […]

The Meaning of Life

It was another hot morning in Dubai. The sun rays were over-lighting the french-styled living room and the blue sky was clear of the sand dust storm from the night before. I had just finished breakfast with the kids and the housekeepers were busy cleaning the suite. Usher was blaring on the radio and life was […]

The Free-lance ‘X-Factor’ for Success

This world is full of amazingly talented people with no jobs. It’s a reality faced by thousands upon thousands of talented people across the globe and what is the reason? Why is this happening? Well my conclusion is that it’s not about talent but the overall value package of the product/service being offered. Earlier this […]

Hire Well – Build & Nurture Creativity

Being an Entrepreneur is Never Just About Business.  Entrepreneurship isn’t something that is done, it’s a personality trait. Entrepreneurship is about taking a chance to become more, to do more and to have control over of your future. There is a very fine line between personal and business, and I am a firm believer that […]

A Look into our Art Process – Pirate Planks

Here is a look into an art and development pipeline of a mini-game inside a bigger slots game we are currently working on. This mini-game is dubbed ‘Pirate Planks’ and is a simple pick-game. Staying true to our small studio philosophy of ‘lean startup’ (validated learning) and to be pushing daily code and production, we […]

Welcome to Behind the Scenes of Lucky Lady Games Blog!

Welcome to Behind the Scenes of our Social Game/App Development Studio, Lucky Lady Games!  As the CEO and founder of a game/app studio start-up, I get to see the most amazing stuff on a daily basis come out of our studio from all departments and I want to share them with you! I am very […]

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