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Card Counting

Card counting can involve a single player, the player and a partner, or a team which includes the anchor, player (the whale), and a spotter. The latter being a team mate who counts cards for the big player. Below are popular card counting systems utilized by successful blackjack players presently. Card counting is a casino […]


Here’s a quick tutorial on basic betting strategies.   There are two types of betting systems.  One is the positive and the other is the negative progression system.  With a positive progression, the general theory is that you increase your bets after wins.  This protects one from losses since you’re only betting with money you’ve […]


Basic Blackjack Strategy In order to be a successful blackjack player, you will need to learn at least some basic blackjack strategy. An easy strategy to start with is to memorize and play according to a blackjack strategy chart which simply shows you how to play your first two cards based on the dealers up […]

Getting Barred

In the golden age of casinos the mobsters or anyone associated with organized crime were blacklisted, or barred from casinos.  Then came the known slot machine cheats, robber, scammers and eventually a term coined advantage players.  Little was known about card counters til American mathematician Dr. Edward O. Thorp espoused on this subject and wrote […]

5 BlackJack Tips if you want to WIN

The most common blackjack tips are placing a double down wager on 10 or 11, utilizing insurance when you have 20 with the dealer showing an Ace, or splitting Aces. While these are useful tips it’s fairly rudimentary.  To truly win in Blackjack one must maximize their edge with out of the box thinking.  For […]


Blackjack Rules – How to Play Cards, 21, Solitaire Know the variations of standard, Reno and Vegas blackjack VS Canada and non-USA countries. Learning the rules of blackjack will you get started, combining that with strategy will give you the edge . Blackjack is as easy it goes when it comes to casino games. No […]

Play Bingo Online

There are many places to play BINGO these days online. Now regarded as one of the most popular social games or games played online, Bingo has come along way from the days of smokey Bingo halls filled with cigarette smoking seniors and woman in housecoats. Bingo games can be found on Facebook, on your iPhones, […]

Free Bingo

Getting started with Free Bingo online has never been easier. Everyone seems to love BINGO these days, and what’s better than FREE BINGO??  It’s a great way to meet friends and chat, while playing a great game! There are many fun and free places to play free bingo online whether on your desktop or on […]

Bingo Strategy

Well, I guess the first thing is answering the question “Is there such a thing as BINGO strategy”?? I guess the answer is that there is strategy to anything you do, and if you have a plan you can’t fail. A false-proof strategy to winning Bingo is simply to buy every single bingo card and […]

Bingo Songs

Bingo songs are very popular and pretty much every kid knows it and is based on the game BINGO. If you are looking for music that is played in bingo halls, this is probably not the song you want to hear playing over and over, but rather your top 40 music, but this is cool […]

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