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BETA   •   MONDAY, MARCH 8TH, 2021

VIP Slots Programs

VIP Slots Programs Want to be a VIP?  It’s easy, you just have to plonk down literally thousands of dollars of your hard earned income.  In exchange you’ll receive comp rooms, dinners, advanced line-up, concierge services, and even show tickets which you could have purchased with the money you gambled away in the first place.  However, if […]

Video Slots Taking Over

Video Slots are taking over casinos everywhere! With some casinos providing 100% of their floor space to video slots machines, video slots are crazy popular and there is no denying it! Video Slots are comprised of digital slot game interfaces that involve sophisticated features like touch screens, slots bonus rounds, free spins rounds and multiple […]

The Invention of Penny Slots

Casinos are always looking for ways to create new slot players and the invention of penny slots have done wonders… When you look around the casino floor, it is evident that with all the different themed video slot machines you will find a majority of them are penny slots. With the help of digital payouts […]

No Deposit Slots 101: Insider Tips

No deposit slots are free money slots play Lets face it most people are cheap when it comes to investing their own money so if there’s the possibility of winning real cash and bonuses without having to deposit then players would come in troves!  Luckily there are many slots and casino games with this offer. […]

Mobile Slots Casino Games

Mobile Slots and Mobile Casinos on the rise Mobile slots and other casino gambling encompasses any games of chance or skill for real money by using wireless device such as a smart phone or iPad tablet PC  There are currently over a dozen mobile slots casinos operating as of June 2013 and many more being added […]

Casino Chips

Why do casinos use chips? My thoughts were that it’s far easier to handle and psychologically it doesn’t really seem like “money.”  Chips come in many customized colors and patterns.  Paulsen chips are the standard in casinos weighing anywhere from 9.5 grams to approximately 13 grams.  There are many clay composite chips manufacturers, but only […]

Lucky Lady Slots

Lucky Lady Slots is part of the Lucky Lady Casino Suite.

Going Broke in Poker

If you are a professional poker player, going broke might just seem like part of the game… It was a rite of passage, a badge of honour on going broke. – David “Devilfish” Ulliott Recently there was an article on the inner workings of how to get staked.  Now, we’re going to take an in […]

The History of Video Poker

Video poker is relatively new but has a great history in casinos and gaming. It was the mid 1970’s and the gaming industry was in full swing and growing strong. Slots machines and card tables were popular with gamblers around the world. A man by the name of Si Redd, who was an innovative figure […]

Learn Video Poker 101

Learn Video Poker and Play like the Pros Video poker is one of the few casino games where if you are willing to put the work in, you can have an edge and be a big casino winner. Video poker is a game that can be beaten. Unlike traditional slot machines, video poker machines are the […]

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